How Synthesia stays “the” authority on AI video content

SEO Content Manager Karina Kasparova had done a great job improving Synthesia’s search visibility to ideal customers.

Now, it was time to scale content production and start bringing in not just traffic, but traffic from their ideal customers with specific search intent.

Copy Island worked closely with Synthesia to deliver high-quality posts that targeted a range of use cases and high-intent search results.

Here’s how we won top search placements for over 50 keywords and netted around half a million impressions on Google…

When we set out to build our SEO blog content portfolio, we knew we needed a seasoned professional who could dive deep into our niche topic, untangle the complexities, and produce insightful and relevant content.

"We were looking for a skilled content writer that could help us build out the bulk of our SEO blog content, with a specific focus on our main use case, which requires in-depth research and knowledge on the topic.

From our initial conversation, it was evident that Claire was the perfect fit.

In the 8 months we’ve had the pleasure of working with her, Claire has written a total of 70 blog posts. Each one was meticulously crafted, highly targeted towards our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), optimized for our SEO requirements, and most importantly, aligned with our brand’s tone of voice. The outcome? Just under half a million impressions on Google in just 6 months, largely thanks to her compelling content."

Karina Kasparova

SEO Content Manager at Synthesia

Tackling a tricky subject-matter

Let’s face it, when you hear “AI” your brain goes to a vague place.

AI can be a tricky topic to explain, it's new, it's trendy, and it's techie. What a combo!

Synthesia used bulk content agencies to output articles for content that’s not directly related to their ideal client profile, but they really needed something of higher quality to target their ideal customers. The kind of people that would want, need, and use Synthesia on an ongoing basis.

The goal was to create articles that made Synthesia the ultimate resource for any business or employee looking to make a video online. And to do that, the writers at Copy Island needed to absorb a lot of industry knowledge and jargon.

The path to creating tailored content for a niche audience

We reviewed reams of customer data and strategic positioning to provide the context for all our posts. Here are some of the data points we looked at before writing:

  1. Existing posts, videos, and topic coverage

  2. Pains experienced by ICPs, and how Synthesia delivers value

  3. Use case objectives and market details

  4. Research findings and statistics in various video-related topics

If that sounds like a lot of data to you, it is! Going that extra mile to really get in touch with a reader's state of mind is the most valuable part of our process.

Armed with all this industry knowledge, we got cracking on the content calendar. A short 8 months later, we'd created 70 targeted, high-quality articles.

And the results spoke for themselves.


Here's what our content achieved.

14 Articles

Rank in the top #3 for their target keywords

31 Articles

Rank in the top #5 for their target keywords

54 Articles

Rank in the top #10 for their target keywords
A valuable asset to any team. Commitment to excellence, coupled with unmatched skill and dedication, makes Copy Island an absolute joy to work with.

Receptiveness to Feedback: Claire isn’t just about getting things done. She's about getting things done right. She is always open to feedback and refines the content until perfection.

Industry Knowledge: Despite the complexities of our sector and the SaaS tool we offer, Claire rapidly assimilated all its intricacies. Her ability to grasp the details, and write with authority about our tool while keeping the use case and ICP in the forefront is commendable.

Timely Deliveries: Every piece of content has always been delivered promptly. Communication: Working with Claire is a breeze. Communication is always delightful and thoughtful, ensuring there are no gaps in understanding or expectations.

Research Prowess: Claire’s dedication to her craft is evident in the way she delves into extensive research, ensuring each article isn’t just factually accurate, but also optimized for our target keywords.

Proactiveness: By the end of our first month together, the detailed content briefs we were used to providing became largely unnecessary. Claire had already grasped the essential intricacies of our product and was seamlessly integrating that knowledge into every project.

Karina Kasparova

SEO Content Manager at Synthesia

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