Topic Mastery: How Rokoko Provides Value to Readers

Rokoko, a motion capture software and hardware solution, got its start on Kickstarter, and as the company grew, had decided to invest in written content. They hired a top agency, but were quickly disappointed with the quality of articles produced.

Rokoko’s growth team didn’t just want posts to climb the SEO rankings, they also wanted to be the authority in motion capture tools.

To do that, they needed a subject matter expert.

Thanks to Copy Island’s expert domain knowledge and research skills, Rokoko now presents as one of the top resources for anyone who needs guidance on motion capture.

Writing for complex topics in a complex industry

Motion capture is no layman's subject, so it was clear from the start that a vast amount of research needed to get poured into every piece of content created.

Thanks to Rokoko’s excellent body of video tutorial content, and writers with a background knowledge of 3D animation and film production, we were able to create content that delivered on Rokoko’s primary objective, to provide real value to readers.

In total, our strategy covered the creation of 34 highly targeted blog posts.


With content covering the most important topics in their industry, Rokoko now enjoys organic traffic that’s valued at $3000+ (and that's recurring value every month) and brings in 5000+ unique visits monthly.

20 Articles

Rank in the top #3 for their target keywords.

280 Keywords

Rokoko ranks in the top #5 for 280 high-intent keywords.

2x ROI

In 12 months, Rokoko saw 2x ROI in organic traffic value.
Organic traffic keeps growing nicely, both in volume and in share of total traffic (while maintaining or even increasing the traffic's value).

“It was the combination of your copywriting expertise on complex topics in our industry combined with your goal-oriented approach that made the collaboration successful.Your content achieved the desired outcome from an SEO perspective and also provided a ton of value to our readers.”

Sébastien Geldof

Ecommerce manager

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