Forget your DIY headlines. It's time to get serious about messaging that converts.

Copy Island specializes in explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way. And we do it using quantifiable customer research. So you can stop relying on guesswork.

We're not listening to you...

...we're listening to your customers.

Conversion copywriting is the science of optimizing your messaging for your conversion goals (e.g. downloads, purchases, sign ups).

Conversion copywriters combine persuasion frameworks with customer research and product knowledge. We use studies in human decision making to explain to your prospects and customers exactly WHAT you do, WHY you’re the go-to option, HOW it all works, and the OUTCOME of using your product and services.

That's how your messaging truly connects with your website visitors.

Hit home with your potential customers using expert messaging
  • Forum research

  • Competitor review mining & analysis

  • Team interviews

  • Independent user testing

  • 1-on-1 customer interviews

  • Action-based surveys

  • Targeted customer surveys

You’ve never seen a messaging strategy that answers this many questions

All the research is compiled into a detailed messaging strategy that actually answers your questions. It will help you finally nail down that value proposition and figure out which features you should focus on.

And it's easy to implement your high-converting copy

You're not left in the dark with a Google doc and no idea how to best implement it.

We format deliverables into low-fidelity wireframes that are easy for your entire team to understand.

And if you need a contractor to help you out, we'll connect you with someone from our tried and tested network.

You'll feel pretty good after working together

At least, if you consider our track record something to go by.

We're confident that we're on the right track with messaging by using copywriting that doesn't rely on gut feel or guesswork.

Thorough research, quick delivery, a wealth of ideas – the list goes on. Claire is a joy to work with!

Jon McCullough, Head of Product Marketing


It's faster to create related materials for emails, blogs, etc since we have a solid foundation

CopyIsland helped us clarify (Claire-ify?) our messaging and use proven copywriting frameworks that have increased our conversions.

Jesse Hercules, Founder


My site feels much more connected

As a developer, I've always dealt with IT people, not buyers from other walks of life. Being able to understand their language, and reflect it back to them with my website, feels much more connected.

Ryan Healy, Founder


Project pricing and structure

Project pricing starts at $5,000. Hourly consultation is available on request. Exact deliverables for copywriting projects are always customized to your unique situation, but standards include:

  1. A detailed messaging strategy that gives you a clear insight into your customers top pains, problems, motivations, desires, objections, and dream outcomes. You can use this to quickly write ad copy, target the right audience, and more.

  2. A tailored customer journey that defines the KPIs of your customer’s experience all the way from first contact through to raving fan. Includes verified data on where your audience hangs out and what content they engage with.

  3. Web copy for sales pages that truly connect with your customers to get conversions. All web copy is wireframed for ease of implementation.

  4. Action-triggered email sequences customized to key customer touch points that engage and convert without annoying or overwhelming your customers with too much information.

How the process works

A typical project that includes full messaging and web copy starts at $5,000

Discovery session

A free 30-minute video call to discuss your project and ensure a good fit.

Your written proposal

You get a written proposal with a video overview to discuss internally.

Research collection

We collect research over 1-4 weeks. This includes customer surveys and interviews.

Research analysis

Your research is analyzed and compliled into a messaging strategy document.

Messaging strategy meeting

We meet for an hour to discuss the messaging strategy and align on finer points.

Copywriting & wireframing

All copy is written and laid out in low-fidelity wireframes.

Copy review meeting

We meet to review the copy and make adjustments. You can usually expect a max of 2 revisions.

Testing and validation

Hero headlines undergo 5-second testing and we conduct user tests if required.

Handover to designer

All copy is written and laid out in low-fidelity wireframes.

Claire really took the time to understand and channel consumer sentiment

The Copy Island team did a fantastic job digging into the research and translating consumer insights into actionable copy for our landing page. Their approach artfully balanced depth and practicality, and the team was a pleasure to work with.

Meghan, CEO,

Partum Health

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Free up your internal resources with clear messaging and copywriting.

Hi, I'm Claire, the human behind the keyboard

I've helped 50+ startups write their websites and grow their customer base. Backed up with experience in marketing-related fields, copywriting and conversion is my specialization.

I chose early stage startups because I want to help founders innovate, solve meaningful problems, and build cool things. Together with a small team, I work to improve your conversion rates and grow your customer base.

Fun Facts

Yep, my surname sure is crazy-looking. You pronounce it"heh-gin-boh-tham". All my social handles are @clairehagin for easy typing!

My vocabulary is big! I'm from the UK and grew up in South Africa, and spent plenty of time in Japan and South Korea. I have worked with clients from US, UK, EU, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. It means you might hear a whole range of accents in your video review.

Why the focus on tech? I have a background in 3D animation and VFX. This means I understand the just of how AI, and other newer platforms work, and can help potential customers quickly understand complex ideas.