Do your words pull their weight? 

Understanding your customers is one of the most powerful growth  levers you can pull.

If you and your team are still relying on hunches and guesswork, we'll help you get to the answers you need.  

Get your hands on content that captures, converts and retains your customers.
We've helped companies like these grow:

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Our messaging is on the right track because we're using copywriting that doesn't rely on gut feel or guesswork

Thorough research, quick delivery, a wealth of ideas – the list goes on. Claire is a joy to work with.

Jon McCullough, Head of Product Marketing

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Building an epic product got you this far.

Listening to customers keeps you on that growth trajectory.

All Copy Island engagements begin with research. We’ll ask you, your audience, your customers, and even the market what, why and how they need a solution like yours.

This customer-led approach means we can create powerful, data-backed content.

There's lots of soft advantages to this kind of messaging, including growth strategy, reduced customer support tickets (because messaging is so spot on) and better awareness with your ideal client profile, but here are some hard numbers from our past clients:

Boost product revenue by 38% month on month thanks to new webpage messaging.

Dominate the search results by ranking the top 10 for 600+ keywords

Create 70 blog posts, and ultimately generate half a million impressions in under 8 months

Improve sales email open rates and CTRs for an email series to an average of 36% and 4.3% respectively

We specialize in making complex technical subjects  easy to understand

Copy Island has worked with hundreds of startups at all points in their growth journey. From motion capture, to AI video makers, to finance tools, to big data, we've got the expertise to handle complex topic.

(Even if you're doing something as niche as AI software for anti-fishing poaching drones. And yep, that's a real client!)

Quick Fixes

Affordable messaging and copywriting services that gives your website a quick punch up.  

Great for bootstrapped founders looking to optimize fast, and expand their reach.

  • Actually explain your ideas in a way that people understand.

  • Know what's working right now, what's not, and WHY.

  • Get an intro into conversion rate optimization and what best practices you should be using right now.

Web copy

Includes extensive customer research, quantitative analysis, messaging, and testing.

Best for companies in growth mode who want bang on-target messaging that converts.

  • Attract more of your best customers (not the freebie seekers that clog up support and waste your time).

  • Refine your messaging and positioning at various stages of customer awareness and sophistication

  • Get answers to your questions about customers.

Content Creation

Bespoke blog content tailored to your audience and search engines.

Designed for when you're ready to scale content.

  • Well-researched content that positions you as the authority in your industry.

  • SEO optimized for keywords and SERP to ensure maximum visibility and ROI over time.

  • High-level content strategy and SEO guidance.

Hi, I'm Claire, the human behind the keyboard

Researcher, writer, founder (in that order)

Like many newbie writers, I never understood the power of customer research. But with 6+ years of experience under my belt, and plenty of experience in conversion copywriting, I now know that that the best messaging a brand can put out comes from their customers.

That's why my small team and I dedicate hours to learning everything we can about you, your business, and your best customers.

You won't find any agency-style set-and-forget content creation templates at Copy Island - optimization is our game.

Fun Facts

My surname is "heginbotham".  pronounce it "heh-gin-boh-tham". All my social handles are @clairehagin for easy typing.

I was born in the UK, grew up in South Africa, and have worked and lived in Japan and South Korea. It's given me a rather flexible accent.

I have a background in 3D animation, studied Python (briefly) and worked in film. Along with a passion for Marvel movies, it's given me an excellent general technical knowledge and means I work well with developers.

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