Does your website copy pull its weight? 

Get your hands on words that capture, convert and retain your customers.

Conversion-focused copywriting & messaging for tech startups

Our messaging is on the right track by using copywriting that doesn't rely on gut feel or guesswork

Thorough research, quick delivery, a wealth of ideas – the list goes on. Claire is a joy to work with.

Jon McCullough, Head of Product Marketing

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Communicate your value.

(by knowing what messaging works, and when to use it)

What matters is what your customers want.

Understanding your customers is one of the most powerful growth and revenue boosting levers you can pull.

If you and your team are still relying on hunches and guesswork, we'll help you get to the quantifiable answers you need.

Building an epic product got you this far.

Listening to customers keeps you on your upward trajectory.

All Copy Island engagements begin with research. We’ll ask you, and help you ask your customers, website visitors, and leads why they’re engaging with you, what they’ve been struggling with, and how life’s changed since they found your solution.

Information like this can be used for practical and strategic purposes including marketing, copywriting, product dev, and investor pitch decks.

Using customer research we’ve helped clients:

Boost product revenue by 38% month on month thanks to new webpage messaging.

Launch a lead-gen landing page that gets 6x more sign-ups compared to the control.

Use email to increase conversions by 1.4x on a high-ticket services  (aka 40% more revenue each month)

Improve sales email open rates and CTRs for an email series to an average of 36% and 4.3% respectively

How we help tech startups grow.

We specialize in turning complex technical subjects  into easy-to-understand copy. Our services include all types of web copy, email sequences, and content development.

A la carte

Affordable messaging and copywriting services that gives your website a quick punch up.  

Great for bootstrapped founders looking to optimize fast, and expand their reach.

  • Actually explain your ideas in a way that people understand.

  • Know what's working right now, what's not, and WHY.

  • Get an intro into conversion rate optimization and what best practices you should be using right now.

A la carte consulting & services start at $129...

Get into growth mode

The full monty. This custom project includes extensive customer research, quantitative analysis,  messaging throughout the funnel, and more.

Best for startups in need of bang on-target messaging that converts.

  • Attract more of your best customers (not the freebie seekers that clog up support and waste your time).

  • Refine your messaging and positioning at various stages of customer awareness and sophistication

  • Get answers to your questions about customers.

Custom projects start at $3,000.

Hi, I'm Claire, the human behind the keyboard

I've helped 50+ startups write their websites and grow their customer base. Backed up with experience in marketing-related fields, copywriting and conversion is my specialization.

I chose early stage startups because I want to help founders innovate, solve meaningful problems, and build cool things. Together with a small team, I work to improve your conversion rates and grow your customer base.

Fun Facts

Yep, my surname sure is crazy-looking. You pronounce it"heh-gin-boh-tham". All my social handles are @clairehagin for easy typing!

My vocabulary is big! I'm from the UK and grew up in South Africa, and spent plenty of time in Japan and South Korea. I have worked with clients from US, UK, EU, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. It means you might hear a whole range of accents in your video review.

Why the focus on tech? I have a background in 3D animation and VFX. This means I understand the just of how AI, and other newer platforms work, and can help potential customers quickly understand complex ideas.

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