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We're a content agency that help B2B SaaS companies get more users. The kinda users who start out on your freemium plan, naturally convert because they find real value in your product, and then stick around for the next few years as they grow their own company.

So yeah, we do SEO content, we do conversion copywriting... but we're also about lowering your customer-acquisition-costs, boosting your LTVs, and ultimately keeping your profits on an upward trajectory

Companies like these acquire thousands of users using content from Copy Island

👁️👁️Grab your audience's attention by the coconuts

These case studies show you exactly how B2B SaaS startups use content to capture more of the right kind of attention.

How we scaled content production to start bringing in not just traffic, but traffic from their ideal client profiles.

Rokoko’s growth team didn’t just want posts to climb the SEO rankings, they also wanted to be the authority in motion capture tools.

"Create more content
for content's sake!"

- Every marketer's growth strategy in 2018

Ahhh 2018. The year WeWork enjoyed a straight 100% in revenue growth. The year Dropbox got their near-billion dollar IPO. The year when venture capitalists were shouting "growth at all costs!" while allegedly mentoring budding founders.

Well, it's 2024. WeWork is bankrupt, investors have stopped looking at growth and started looking at profit, and we're all being told to just "see if you can do it with AI."

Our playbooks and acquisition strategies from a few years ago are outdated. And our bosses are looking at metrics that actually move the profit needle. So while we could create reams and reams of content for you, the real answer to getting more good-fit user is frustratingly simple:

Turn what customers talk about into content. Here's how ↓

Get clever with your words

There's a lot of marketing jargon we could throw at you to describe our process. But at the end of the day, all that jargon equates to is a framework to reliably predict what people think, feel, and do.

Our framework is simple. We find out what your customers think, feel, and do. Then we analyze it. Then we turn it into blog posts and website copy using principles of human decision making.

And the next time someone reads your content, they feel like we're reading their mind, that this is what they've been looking for, and their work is about to get a whole load easier.

Copy Sprints… The efficient way to get your metrics moving 

We've got a serious passion for content marketing. No murky retainers or bloated services. Just simple sprints and proven results. Every sprint includes a team training video call.

Optimize Sprint

Insights into how your best customers
think, and how to improve acquisition and retention.

3 weeks

Scope includes:

  • Customer & team interviews

  • Customer experience map

  • Voice of Customer insights

  • Product messaging guide

Lead Sprint

Highly relevant, researched, leadership-style content that'll help you acquire more users.

4 weeks

Scope includes:

  • High authority articles

  • SEO strategy

  • Deep-dive research

  • SEO optimization

Convert Sprint

Conversion-optimized web copy that gets your audience saying "yes."


Scope includes:

  • Website copy

  • User testing

  • Wireframes

  • Unlimited edits

Checking out other agencies? Go for it.

Here's what makes Copy Island the best choice if you're looking for upward trending acquisition metrics.

We’re technical

Copy Island specializes in untangling the complexities of SaaS products. We’re the kinda folks who enjoy a good developer meme, and know the difference between Java and JavaScript ;) 

We’ve got hands-on experience in these industries: 
Film and video-making, Marketing, AI applications, Finance applications, remote work platforms, Internet browsers

We make life easy for you

You're not left in the dark with a Google doc and no idea what to do next. Every single sprint ends with a clear next step for you — even if all we’re doing is research. Anything we can do for you to make implementation faster, we will. 

We’ll give you all the edits you need — we’re confident in our quality

We’ve offered unlimited edits since we opened our doors in 2016. That’s because when you receive writing from us, we're confident that it's tight. We’ve researched, optimized, and done it all over again. 

The truth is, the days when keyword-stuffing worked are over. Now, it’s all about quality content that matters to the people who read it. And that’s great news, because your audience is intelligent, and the content you deliver to them should be too.

Let’s get your messaging on the straight and narrow

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